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Certificates of Deposit and IRAs

For your longer-term savings needs, a Certificate of Deposit (CD) from Dream First Bank provides flexible terms and competitive rates for terms ranging from three (3) months to 60 months.


  • Minimum opening balance requirement is only $500
  • Fixed interest rate for chosen term
  • Quarterly interest payments
  • For terms one year and less, you earn a tiered rate with higher interest paid on balances $50,000 and greater
  • No maintenance or setup fees
  • FDIC Insured

Special CD Program - Introducing EmergenCD

With Dream First Bank's unique EmergenCD (pronounced as if you were saying "emergency" and "CD" together), customers get the best of both worlds. A high-yield certificate of deposit account, but with the advantage of a rate "bump," the ability to add money at any time, and the flexibility to get access to your money in the event of an emergency (without penalty).

Below are the complete details:

  • One-Time Bump: CD term is 36 months, which includes one (1) bump up in rate (meaning you can adjust the rate once during the term of the CD to the bank's current 36-month interest rate with the quick signing of our rate adjustment form).
  • Deposits Allowed: You can make deposits into the CD at any time. This means you can set up automatic transfers, direct deposit via payroll, or just add money as your budget permits.
  • Access to Your Money: That's right, NO early withdrawal penalty. If an emergency arises you are able to withdraw money - no questions asked.
  • Minimum to open is $100. The current rate for 36 months is 1.75% APY (interest paid quarterly).

Open Your EmergenCD Account Online!

Planning for Your Retirement

To benefit from the tax-advantaged status of an Individual Retirement Account (IRA), all of our CDs can also be classified as either a Traditional or Roth IRA. Each provides their own unique tax advantages when it comes to reporting interest (but we suggest consulting with your tax advisor for specific details and income limitations).

  • Benefits of a Traditional IRA - Contributions are tax-deductible on both federal and state tax returns for the year you make the contribution and withdrawals in retirement are taxed at ordinary income tax rates.
  • Benefits of a Roth IRA - You don’t get a tax break with your contributions like with a Traditional IRA, but earnings and withdrawals are generally tax-free.

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