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Extraordinary Bank Award

Dream First Bank Inducted Into the 2022 Extraordinary Bank Hall of Fame

The Institute for Extraordinary Banking Hall of Fame has a new member in 2022. Dream First Bank joined other financial institutions of the highest caliber when it received this prestigious honor, which follows the bank’s recognition as the 2019 Extraordinary Bank of the Year.

CEO Chris Floyd represented DFB at the ceremony in Naples, FL. The bank also received the following awards from the Institute:

  • A Banky Award
  • Overall Money Smarts™ Banky Award Category Winner 
  • Thought Leadership Banky Award ($300-$500 million asset class)
  • Culture Banky Award ($300-$500 million asset class)
  • Money Smarts™ Banky Award ($300-$500 million asset class)

These awards are a testament to DFB’s extraordinary commitment to its customers.

Helping Incredible Customers Achieve Incredible Dreams

From expanding an aviation business to helping seasoned farmers take over the family business, we want every loan to fulfill a dream. Whatever you want to accomplish with your company, it will evolve over time, and we understand that. At Dream First Bank, we’re here to help you grow and change with your business. 

CEO Chris Floyd puts it this way, “Maybe it’s that first home. Or that next home. They are different dreams. From starting a business to taking over the world like Pinky and the Brain, your dream is the ultimate goal that you choose. Whatever we need to do, we’re going to figure it out - together.”

Choose Dream First Bank when you want to reach for goals that seem beyond your grasp. We firmly believe that if you are big enough for your dreams, your dreams are too small for you.

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