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Fraud Squad

Dream First Bank is here to help protect you and make sure that your “hard-earned money” stays “your hard-earned money.” Our Fraud Squad was created to protect you from a variety of business risks across six different areas of business risk.

At least two representatives from the Fraud Squad team will meet with you personally to go over these six main areas of risk. The six main areas are below, with each applicable to a certain degree based on your individual business:

  1. Payroll - Location and security of personnel files, processes, system access controls, etc.
  2. Accounts Payable - Disbursement process, check security, reconciliation process, etc.
  3. Accounts Receivable - Cash receipts, monthly billing comparison, manager approvals, etc.
  4. Cash Handling - Ensure proper handling procedures to protect the business
  5. Financials & General Ledger - Access controls, internal approval process, etc.
  6. Information Technology - User password policies, WiFi access, computer update process, etc.

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