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Introducing the DFB Dream Maker Podcast

Introducing the DFB Dream Maker Podcast

Hi readers! Chris Floyd here, and I have the honor of serving as DFB’s CEO and thought I’d share some insights on our podcast, called the DFB Dream Maker podcast. In case you have some questions about the series, this article will help answer some of the common questions I get about the podcast, as well as answer some of the questions you have about DFB in general as well. Read on for more information about the DFB Dream Maker podcast!

Who I Am and What I Do?

As you already heard, I’m Chris Floyd, the CEO at the First National Bank of Syracuse and the host of the Dream Maker Podcast. DFB and the podcast series are both dedicated to the hardworking people in the Syracuse community in Kansas. DFB is a well-established community bank that’s been around for over 100 years. 

Every bank employee is focused on helping our clients do well and make their dreams come true. It’s why our bank slogan is “Making Dreams Come True” and it’s why our podcast is called the “Dream Maker” podcast. We care about our community and want them to thrive. 

What are the Goals for the DFB Dream Maker Podcast?

My goal for the podcast series is simple: to educate people about their options so they can achieve their dreams. I believe that education is the greatest way to level the playing field and the best way to achieve whatever is possible. We live in an age where there are no excuses. You can learn whatever you want, whenever you want. You’ve just got to put in the effort to do so. 

Why Did you Start the DFB Dream Maker Podcast?

I started the podcast because I enjoy listening to and learning from different podcasts. I thought it would be a nice way to help our customers and communities by providing information they may not have had access to before. 

What Do You Want Listeners to Take Away From Listening?

I hope that you will feel like your time is well spent as you listen to the DFB Dream Maker podcasts. My goal is to provide you with at least one nugget of information that you can use to benefit your life and how you look at your business. 

Who’s Been Your Favorite Podcast Guest?

I can’t choose a favorite podcast. They’re like my kids - there are no official favorites! Each podcast episode has been really unique, and every time we finish recording, I end up with something way cooler than I could have imagined. 

I do have some favorite thoughts from the podcasts, however. I’ve had several favorites, but of course, the one at the top of my list is the most recent one (call it recency bias, if you will). I loved that Fernando Rodriquez was talking about how “Any door works” for getting someone the help they need. I also really liked Ashton Maxfield’s story about how he followed what he was passionate about in starting his own business. 

Why is Community at the Center of the DFB Podcast?

Listeners have noticed that, although my podcasts are niche in the sense that they appeal to those in agriculture and Kansas business owners, they also span a variety of topics, including mental health, marketing, and best practices for business. The love for my community is evident, and they’ve often asked me what my community means to me. 

The thing about living in a small population (relative to eastern Kansas and other areas of the country) is that nothing we achieve in our area comes easily. We love it here in Southwest Kansas: it’s absolutely one of the best places to live and raise a family - you just need to be tough to live here! Nothing is given to us, we have to fight and scratch for everything we achieve and want to become as a community in southwestern Kansas. 

I believe that the success of our communities and the success of our bank are yoked together. For our communities to be successful, we have to be active and willing participants in helping people achieve their dreams - whether it’s helping a business or farm get started or thrive, helping a family achieve the home, retirement, or dreams they have, or helping our community become more vibrant. 

What Other Ways Does DFB Help the Community?

Here at DFB, we’re not just a bank that takes deposits and makes loans. We become true partners with our customers and are constantly developing new tools to help our customers be more successful. We do that by hosting free in-person events with guest speakers that can add insight to our customers, by creating helpful articles and podcasts, by sponsoring local groups and events through our online form, and more. 

How Does the DFB Podcast Fit into Southwestern Kansas?

Our Dream Maker Podcast was created to provide unique pieces of information that can be informative for our customers and their communities. That’s the goal we started the podcast with and it’s what determines every action we’ve taken since then. We want to continue to provide value to the people in our communities. 

Go ahead and check out our DFB Dream Maker Podcast to learn more about managing your farm, marketing, your well-being, and more! 

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