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Matrix Phone System, Maximum Customer Service

Posted in: Electronic & Convenience Banking

Matrix Phone System, Maximum Customer Service

Dream First Bank recently implemented a new phone system this past April (2017) in which staff members (also called Matrix Agents) are cross-trained in a variety of areas for the bank to help provide great customer service and keep from transferring customers from office to office. All incoming calls now come through the Matrix system which automatically routes your call to the next available banker.

Prior to this platform customer service staff may have had to excuse themselves from a customer conversation to take a call. Now the Matrix support staff at Dream First Bank can dedicate their time to answer customer's individual calls without wasting any time!

Dream First Bank provides support to customers in multiple ways to ensure that there is always help available. You can get help by using our website, walking into the bank, or by calling one of our matrix agents. We are always here to provide you with personal attention and will make your banking simple and easy, just by the dial of a phone. 

Matrix Agents are located at the Garden City, Syracuse, and Ulysses branches.

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