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#RiseUp4Families with FNB

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#RiseUp4Families with FNB

As part of our mission to help the community, DFB has started the #RiseUp4Families program. This donation program uses employee-donated money to better the lives of families within the community along with the families of DFB employees. The money we provide to families in need is donated by our own employees.

Curious about the #RiseUp4Families program? Read on to learn more about how we’ve helped our local community.

Financial Assistance During COVID-19 Illness

One of our employees contracted COVID-19 and became seriously ill. He was on a ventilator for 42 days at a hospital in Kansas City, all the way across the state and away from his family. After his time in the hospital, he had to stay at a rehabilitation center for two weeks.

When he finally arrived home, he needed to recover at home for two full months before he could return to work. We were able to help raise funds for his family to visit him in the hospital and lessen the financial blow as they prepared to pay his medical bills.

COVID-19 has taken a devastating toll on families, and we are so grateful to have had the chance to reach out and assist one of our employees as they recovered from this illness.

Providing Peace of Mind During Loss

A seasoned employee of ours had just celebrated her 50-year wedding anniversary when she found out her husband had stage 4 liver cancer. They rushed across the state to Kansas City to start his treatments.

Unfortunately, he only got one of them before he passed away (45 days after his original diagnosis). Our employees banded together to help her in any way they could, and hopefully eased the financial burden of her loss with a generous donation.

We were honored to participate in a balloon release in honor of her husband at her home as well. We’re so thankful for this employee and grieve with her about the loss of her husband and best friend of over 50 years.

Helping a Young Family Thrive

One of our former employees has also been a longtime customer and friend of many of us at DFB. She was pregnant and delivered her baby at 28 weeks just before Thanksgiving.

The baby needed to stay in the Wichita hospital for over two months, and we helped offset the medical and travel expenses. Our friend’s husband needed to travel from home to the hospital and back to care for their other two children, and we were thankful to help out with $750.

Giving birth to a preemie can be a stressful time for everyone involved. Everyone worries about the precious little one and hopes that they will pull through, and we are so glad this honorary DFB member made a healthy recovery.

Christmas Donations for Senior Citizens

Over the holidays, we donated bags to over 24 seniors in our community. Each bag was full of food, snacks, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, notepads, pens, stamps, blankets, and other important items. The seniors who received the meal were accustomed to getting a meal delivery every day, but over the holidays, some of the meals weren’t delivered. This made it especially crucial and important that we help out the seniors in our community.

We don’t believe in overlooking seniors. They’re a valuable part of our community and played an integral role in this community’s development. We are always happy to provide assistance to our elderly community members.

A Christmas Saved by Caring Bank Employees

We found out about a family in need in our community and decided to adopt them for Christmas. We purchased gifts for every family member and presented the wrapped gifts to the family to put underneath their Christmas tree.

No matter who you are, you want to provide good things for your family, and it’s especially difficult when you can’t do that during the holidays. We are honored to have taken part in providing tangible proof that every family in our community is of value.

Filling Empty Bellies in Our Community

We hosted a food drive at all of our branch locations and were able to donate the food to a family crisis center. The center was then able to distribute the food to the needy local families in their program.

Daily food is taken for granted by all of us, until we no longer have it. We’re glad that we were able to help families fill their pantries with nourishing food, so their children can grow.

DFB Cares About Our Community

We hope you’ve enjoyed this special feature about our #RiseUp4Familes program. Here at DFB, our giving takes on many forms: sometimes it’s financial assistance, sometimes we donate basic necessities, and other times we provide food to our local community. We do all of this because we greatly value our employees, customers, and community.

As always, feel free to contact us or visit one of our bank locations if you have questions or need anything from us. We are here for you!

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