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Banking Tip of The Month: How to Set Up Alerts on Your Mobile Device and Online Banking

Banking Tip of The Month: How to Set Up Alerts on Your Mobile Device and Online Banking

Banking alerts are notifications we send directly to your device or our online banking platform in real time. Activating banking alerts allows you to receive immediate updates about account activities such as transactions, low balance alerts or password changes. Alerts are convenient tools that provide fast, reliable information and enhance your financial security. This blog post explores banking alerts and how you can personalize them to suit your needs at Dream First Bank.

Getting Online and Mobile Banking Alerts

There are many types of banking alerts available to suit different needs. All you need is a personal or business account with Dream First Bank. You must register for online banking before you can sign up for mobile banking and use the free app – available for both Android and iOS. 

A few common online and mobile banking alerts that you can set up at Dream First Bank include:

  • Low Balance Alert: If your account falls below a set dollar amount, a low balance alert lets you know your account is below your low balance threshold. 
  • High Balance Alert: High balance alerts can let you know if you have large amounts of money sitting in one account. If you have a High Balance in a checking account, for instance, you may want to move some money to another account.
  • Large Transaction Alert, or Large Purchase Alert: Large purchase alerts allow account holders to set a dollar amount that will trigger an alert when exceeded. 
  • Profile Change Alert: Profile change alerts are vital for financial security. Setting up profile change alerts will warn account holders of personal or login information changes.
  • Unusual Activity Alert: Alerts will inform account holders about unrecognized transactions.

How to Set Up Banking Alerts at Dream First Bank

Although some steps may vary from bank to bank, setting up banking alerts is typically a simple process involving access to your online banking platform or mobile app. 

  • Log in to your online banking account.
  • Locate alerts or notifications, typically in your account settings.
  • Choose the alerts you want to receive.
  • Set dollar amount thresholds and parameters for each alert.
  • Choose your notification method—push notifications, emails or SMS. 
  • You can also set do not disturb parameters for your notifications, so they don’t alert you during the night or certain times of day. All notifications will be held until the do not disturb period ends, and then sent. 
  • Confirm your choices and save the settings.
  • Remember to review and adjust settings periodically as needed.

Alerts Maximize Your Personal Banking Security

We all know to create unique passwords for every account and remember to update them regularly. Using two-factor authentication is also a good idea, because it requires a security code sent via SMS or email, further securing your account. 

Always be cautious when accessing financial information on public WiFi networks and make sure your devices have the latest security software. Only share information through secure channels and trusted sources. 

Even if you do all that, security breaches can still occur. That’s why keeping an eye on your accounts for unauthorized activities is so important. Setting up transaction alerts makes it easier to monitor your accounts and prevent fraud. Taking these precautions can help protect your information and keep your banking experience enjoyable. 

Dream First Bank

At Dream First Bank, our priority is providing you solutions. We help make your dreams come true, offering banking products and services tailored to your personal and business banking requirements. With our platform managing your account, accessing banking services and staying informed with real-time information has never been easier. We take your security seriously, which is why we offer banking alerts for your peace of mind. Contact us today to discuss your banking needs!

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