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Beyond the Dream Award: Air Tractor

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Beyond the Dream Award: Air Tractor

Dream First Bank recently presented the inaugural Beyond the Dream Award to Air Tractor, Inc., a leading manufacturer of agricultural aircraft. The award was presented by Matt Bennett and Chris Floyd of Dream First Bank to Jim Hirsch, President and CEO of Air Tractor, Inc., recognizing Air Tractor's entrepreneurial spirit and the significant achievement of producing the 1,000th Air Tractor model 802 aircraft.

The Beyond the Dream Award is presented to companies that have demonstrated outstanding innovation, leadership, and perseverance in achieving their business goals. Air Tractor is a perfect example of this kind of company. Since its founding in 1972, Air Tractor has been a leader in the agricultural aviation industry, designing and manufacturing aircraft that are used to spray crops, fight fires, and perform other vital tasks.

It's important to note that Air Tractor's success is also due in large part to its founder, Leland Snow. Snow was a visionary entrepreneur who started the company with a passion for designing and building aircraft that could help farmers and ranchers be more efficient and productive. Over the years, Snow's innovative designs and dedication to quality helped Air Tractor become a global leader in the agricultural aviation industry. Although Snow passed away in 2011, his legacy lives on through the company he founded and the many lives he touched through his work. The Beyond the Dream Award is a fitting tribute to Snow and his contributions to the aviation industry and the world of entrepreneurship.

Reaching the milestone of producing 1,000 Air Tractor 802 aircraft is a remarkable achievement for Air Tractor. The company's success is a testament to the hard work and dedication of its employees, as well as its commitment to producing high-quality, innovative products. Congratulations to Air Tractor on this well-deserved honor, and here's to many more years of success and innovation!

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