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FSA Program: Helping New Farmers Get Started

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FSA Program: Helping New Farmers Get Started

As a community bank, Dream First Bank knows the importance of our local farmers. That is why we are proud to put in the work and offer them the best agricultural financing solutions available.

Whether you’re just starting, or you’re a lifelong farmer, we have services that can help you.

That is the reason why DFB participates in the FSA program to help provide for our new and established farmers to finance their operations.

What Is The FSA Loan Program?

The FSA program is a system of direct and guaranteed farm ownership and operating loans for family-sized farmers and ranchers. These agriculture loans are often provided for farmers at the beginning of their agricultural careers that do not qualify for conventional loans. They represent a great opportunity for new farmers.

That is why Dream First Bank works with the FSA to provide loans such as the guaranteed FSA loan to support our local farmers.

FSA Guaranteed Loans

The FSA guaranteed loans provide lenders like DFB with a 95% guarantee of the principal loan amount. DFB is then responsible for servicing the borrower’s account for the life of the loan.

This allows the FSA to give young producers the ability to start loan packages that allow 100% financing. These loans come with extended terms and cheaper interest rates that they would be otherwise ineligible for without the guarantee.

Farmers looking for these guaranteed loans can apply through Dream First Bank , and we will arrange the FSA guarantee.

What DFB Offers Farmers

At Dream First Bank , we provide a variety of banking services, but we consider ourselves to be an Ag Bank first and foremost. We finance farming operations of all kinds, and we are proud to support our local farming community from farm to ranch.

With us, farmers get reasonable rates from professionals with the local knowledge and experience to understand their needs and situations. What’s more, they get this help through face-to-face services from experts that care. Our expert advisors will work with you to ensure you get the right ag loans for you.

We provide several lending solutions specifically for our local farmers.

Agricultural Lending Solutions

Our agricultural lending solutions help you get your farming operation access to the necessary financing options that you need to keep your business running. We provide the help that lets you focus on what matters most.

Our lending solutions cover:

  • Irrigated Farms
  • Dryland Farms
  • Cow and Calf ranches
  • Feeder and Stocker Cattle
  • Commercial Feedyards
  • And more.

Livestock Lending solutions

DFB pioneered helping commercial dairies establish themselves across southwest Kansas. We have provided operating lines of credit for livestock and feed purchases, as well as helped finance real estate and equipment. To this end, we specialized in finding subordinate and block grant financing for start-up dairies in our area.

That is how you know that DFB is not only here for you when you need help financing your livestock operation, but our experts have put in the work to understand your needs. Whether you’re a dairy farm looking to finance a new freestall barn or a rancher looking to establish their first cattle herd, Dream First Bank is here to help.

Get Your Agricultural Loans with Dream First Bank

Are you interested in an ag loan? DFB is here for you. We offer agricultural financing solutions in the region. Even better, as a community bank, we value our clients as our friends and neighbors. So, we treat them as such.

Are you not sure what financing options are available for you and your operation? You can reach out to us, and we will help you figure out what services are right for your farm or ranch.

Contact us online, or give us a call at 620-275-6971 to get started.

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