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Starting 2023 Strong with A Contribution to The National Agricultural Research & Education Foundation (NAAREF)

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Starting 2023 Strong with A Contribution to The National Agricultural Research & Education Foundation (NAAREF)

As a bank centered around our community, we know it’s our job to support our friends and neighbors. This support includes investing in the organizations essential to uplifting the education and research surrounding agricultural production. And it doesn’t just stop at our front doors. We’re excited to support improvements on both local and national levels. 

That’s why we’re thrilled to contribute to the National Agricultural Aviation Research and Education Foundation (NAAREF). This organization is committed to making the daily routines of farmers who utilize ag aviation tools safer and more productive.

What is NAAREF?

Formed in 1982, NAAREF began with the goal of helping improve the ag aviation industry. To accomplish this broad mission, they have dedicated themselves to connecting aerial applicators, government agencies, academic institutions, and a range of similarly aligned industries in an ever-growing web of technology and research-oriented sharing.

You likely recognize some of the programs that NAAREF has started! In 1996, they kicked off the Professional Aerial Applicators’ Support System (PAASS), which teaches pilots vital safety and drift minimization techniques. These skills are crucial in protecting both pilots and crops while in the air. Since its implementation in 1998, accidents have been reduced by 26%, and fatal accidents have dropped by 10%. These outstanding numbers are possible due in large part to PAASS’s impact.

NAAREF is also passionate about connecting the top minds in the ag aviation industry. In 2002, they kicked off the Compaass Rose series to further this goal. This string of round-table discussions was held to support ag aviation newcomers. Participants are invited to build their own knowledge base, gain experience in the world of aviation, and create meaningful bonds that carry over throughout their careers.

As an entirely non-profit organization, NAAREF completely relies upon donations to continue operating. They depend upon individuals and other groups in the industry to continue their work of crafting and executing programs that improve the day-to-day lives of all farmers.

Our Contribution to NAAREF

Groups like NAAREF are essential to the continuous progress of the ag aviation industry. At Dream First Bank, we recognize that many of our own customers take advantage of changes spurred by NAAREF’s work. We want to continue supporting the changemakers in the ag industry so that future generations can continue pooling information for the benefit of all. In 2022, we were equally thrilled and humbled by the amount of funding we could provide to the industry. This year, we want to increase our impact even more.

In appreciation of their contributions to the current agricultural landscape and their investment in the future, we’re excited to share how we will support this indispensable organization. And you can help, too! For all of 2023, when you close a new loan, Dream First Bank will contribute to NAAREF. We invest in both individual agricultural experts and the industry as a whole to help create a new era of advancements in the industry.

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