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We'd Like to Introduce You to Dream First Bank

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We'd Like to Introduce You to Dream First Bank

To our Dream First customers,

We have some very exciting news to share with you! As a valued member of our bank community, you know that First National Bank of Syracuse has been serving Southwest Kansas and beyond for more than 100 years. Today we are announcing that First National Bank of Syracuse has been renamed Dream First Bank. While it may seem unconventional to change a name that we have had for so long, we believe the new name is for a new era.

I understand change sometimes isn’t easy, but we firmly believe this change, coupled with our heritage will continue to help execute our mission, “Every Life We Touch is Improved.” Our community is not only defined by our regional locations, but our desire to serve people beyond who strive to achieve their dream. 

We feel that this new name defines us, and in fact is a doubling down of our commitment to you and our communities to reach for the stars and do what it takes to make your dreams a reality. Being Dream First Bank tells you and the world where our priorities are. In fact, ‘dreams’ has been in our tagline for right at 20 years! Dream First Bank is committed to diligently help every new dream come to life across the U.S., while continuing its long-time support for the local community. It sets a new standard that you can feel welcome to hold us to.

Let me take a moment to reassure you that ownership, management and core values have not changed. Our bank has been family owned for nearly 40 years, and our plan is to stay that way. All current employees will remain in place, and we will continue to be the same people whom you’ve come to depend on.

As a customer, nothing about your day-to-day interactions with Dream First Bank will change. We understand that having your banking products function without interruption is very important to our customers, and all your checks, debit cards and ACH transactions will work just as before. Debit cards will be re-issued with the new name and logo as they expire. If you want, we can reorder your debit card or checks to get you on the newest version sooner, at our expense. 

We realize that digital banking is convenient; your online banking and the mobile app will work like they did previously, but with a new look. Our website will change to www.DreamFirst.bank, but if you go to our previous website, it will automatically redirect you to the new website.

You can still reach the Dream First Bank team whenever you need to! Our phone numbers will remain the same, our old email addresses will forward to the new version (first.last@DreamFirst.bank) and you will be updated on the new address by our system.

Thank you for your time and thank you for being a part of the Dream First Bank family. We look forward to reiterating our commitment to help you achieve your dreams.

For any questions related to bank operations and account functions, please call 888-773-3184 or your local branch.

Every Life We Touch is Improved

Chris Floyd
Dream First Bank

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