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The Adventures of Max the Dog: Max’s New Home!

Posted in: Home Ownership

The Adventures of Max the Dog: Max’s New Home!

I have a new routine and instead of my normal 7:03 am wake up time, I get to sleep in till 8:03 am… Like, come on. Since we moved into our new house, my parents do not have to wake up super early to take me for walks around the block. Instead, they just open the french doors in the kitchen and I project my body as far as I can into the backyard at maximum speed. In previous blogs, I mentioned my relationship with my leash. Toxic to say the least. However now that I can just be let into the abyss of my freshly cut, expansive heaven, I do not have to be wrangled into that fun restrictor. So I know what you are thinking… and I am happy to report that I have chased up to 157 squirrels since the break up with the leash, I am honestly a better dog from it. 

In our new neighborhood, my parents have made amazing friends, and they all have DOGS. There are no restrictions with any of the dogs, so that means I get to tackle every single one of them. Their owners greet me with treats and scratches and do not holler when I get too excited and slobber on them. While I thought I was going to be lost without my old neighbors, these ones couldn’t be better. My best friend lives next door; she is a black Labrador named Gladys. When I am invited over there to play, my parents let me off the leash while they pour themselves a glass of wine on the back porch. So as you can see my parents are living out their Pinterest fantasies one day at a time. 

Since we have moved we have been in frequent contact with the people from Dream First Bank. Ever since they waved goodbye in our driveway from the Dream First Bank moving truck to helping us with the loan process and answering all of our questions. I hear my mom say everyday how thankful she is that we chose them, and I couldn't agree more.

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