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The Adventures of Max the Dog: Moving Day!

Posted in: Home Ownership

The Adventures of Max the Dog: Moving Day!

My day started earlier than normal today, 6:00 am on the dot. This was not my decision… I was woken up by the sound of my kong, favorite toy, being dropped into a cardboard box, which was alarming, to say the least. As soon as I stood up to check out the loud noises, my bed was swept from under my feet and placed into a large box that read “Max’s Stuff”. Even more confused, I went to my moms morning spot on the couch to get the reassurance of the commotion, but THE COUCH WAS GONE! This is when I knew we were not being robbed, we were in fact, in theory, robbing ourselves, it was moving day ladies and gentlemen. 

I let out two deep barks of excitement as both my parents walked through the front door from taking boxes to and from the moving truck. I heard my parents say that since we applied for our mortgage through Dream First Bank, that they provided us with a moving truck, no cost at all! What other bank does that? I have become quite fond of the people at Dream First Bank, and I think they might like me too. Before we found them, my parents were riddled with stress and anxiety. They often forgot to take me for my evening walk and were constantly working late nights at the office. Everything has become immensely different since we found Dream First Bank, not only have they helped us financially, but they have made my family whole again. 

I was trying very hard to be helpful, which included me knocking boxes and people over. However, I was able to drag my box full of toys all the way to the apartment door but could not get it down the hall because I had to go run and attempt to tackle the white Pomeranian. I was quickly redirected by treats from the lady down the hall, who knew my tendencies. She gave me three treats and whispered in my ear that she would not be buying any more dog treats anymore since I was leaving. I will miss that woman and her bacon covered slices of heaven. Before we loaded up everything in the truck and drove away from my first home, I was able to one last time slobber on the man from floor two, and he smiled at me a little bit (I did not know if the smile was because he was going to miss me, or if it was a smile of happiness that I was leaving). 

When we arrived at our beautiful new home, I quickly sprinted through the house to the backyard--otherwise known as my sanctuary. The blades of glass slipped through my paws and the wind blew back my ears. I could see my parents inside moving one piece of furniture at a time; first the couch, then the chairs, and then my bed. I was not allowed in the house until after everything from the truck was unloaded, due to my phenomenal ability to knock things over. But once the Dream First Bank truck pulled out of our driveway, we were able to finally call this new place home. 

While we still had boxes everywhere and the furniture was still wrapped in plastic, we made a picnic on our living room hardwood floor; for my parents they had pizza and for me dog kibble… please feel pity for me. Once we finished dinner we all went to the backyard, my parents juggled their glasses of wine with my beloved tennis ball. What they call fetch, I call catch and chase...they will never learn. My heart was so full, as this was the first time in a while we were all together. Normally in the apartment, they would flip heads or tails to see who had to take me on my nightly walk, but tonight they fought over who could throw the ball the farthest. I could get used to more nights like this.

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