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Banking Tip of The Month: Zelle

Banking Tip of The Month: Zelle

Summertime means weekends on the beach and fun outings with friends and loved ones. Spend less time in the bank and more time soaking in the sun with the help of Zelle.

Zelle is an online banking tool that allows you to send money to friends, request payments, and even help you split bills among friends.

How to Use Zelle

Getting started with Zelle is simple and easy to do. The Dream First Bank mobile app already has Zelle built into it, so account holders don’t need to worry about downloading a new app. Just open our mobile banking app and follow a few simple steps to finish enrolling in Zelle.

Once you have completed the signup process, you can quickly share funds with your friends and family. Money transfer requests and forwarding only take a few taps. 

Who Can Use Zelle?

The best part is, anyone can use Zelle! Tip your babysitter, pay for half the taxi fare from the airport, or send your friend some coffee money, all from your phone.

If the people you want to share money with don’t have a Dream First Bank account, don’t worry! If your intended recipient has an active bank account and debit card at any financial institution, you can send or request funds from them using their mobile phone number or email address. 

Zelle partners with an ever-growing number of financial institutions to make personal banking easy for everyone. If your friend’s bank also has Zelle integration, they’ll be prompted to complete your request using their bank’s mobile app. Otherwise, they’ll be invited to download the Zelle app to finalize your request. It’s that easy!

Timing Out Money Transfers Using Zelle

Money transfers made through Zelle are quick and straightforward. If both you and your intended recipient are already enrolled in Zelle, then the transaction you wish to accomplish will usually be complete within minutes.

Friends or family members who are not enrolled in Zelle will need to do so to complete the request. Depending on how long it takes to register, this can lengthen the time it takes for a money transfer to be finalized. 

It is essential to note that you must address all money requests and transmissions to the correct phone number or email address. For instance, the phone number you enter into Zelle to send money must correlate to your recipient’s Zelle account. If you’re waiting on a money transfer request, or your own request has been pending for a long time, it is worth it to double-check that both you and your recipient are using the correct account information.

Security on Zelle

Sending and receiving money using a third-party app might cause concern at first glance. However, at Dream First Bank, we make your security our top priority. Anytime you use Zelle within our mobile app or other online banking features, your information remains at the same level of encryption as in any of our other services. 

Whether you’re sharing dinner with your loved ones or paying someone to take care of your pets, Zelle helps you quickly make payments and split bills. Zelle is one more tool we use at Dream First Bank to help you meet your financial goals. Make the most of your summer and take control of your finances with our many online banking tools. Check out our list of personal financial services to learn how Dream First Bank can work for you.

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